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Your Brand On Major Media Sites

Content marketers, SEO agencies and backlink purveyors have it all wrong.

SEO agencies tell you that it’s all in the numbers. Their strategy is about volume, not quality — and when they’re done, their spammy tactics have tarnished your brand. In reality, it’s not the number of backlinks that count, but the quality of the media sites you become associated with. A strategy of placing hundreds of thin articles that nobody will ever read is worthless. ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT YOUR SEO PROVIDER IS WRITING ABOUT YOU? 

If it’s not something you would want people to read, then the strategy is a failure.

Success comes from quality content, placed on quality sites – not from a purely numbers-focused strategy. Our approach is simple: Our staff of US-based professional feature writers and trained journalists create high-quality content, which is written to adhere to journalistic standards and pass editorial review processes. We work with editors of legitimate, high domain authority media properties, and place articles which mention your brand on those sites.

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