Indiana crowdfunding news and updates

Indiana has joined its neighbors in a growing list of states – Wisconsin and Michigan among them – to benefit from crowdfunding and related small business opportunities, with a law designed to rev up economic development and entrepreneurship. At Ugly Dog Media, we’re excited to be leading at the forefront on equity crowdfunding and what it means for local businesses and investors.

Our Indiana Crowdfunding project has been months in the making, and focuses on how the intrastate investment exemption, sometimes called the “crowdfunding law,” permits certain equity investment opportunities previously unavailable under federal Securities and Exchange Commission rules that govern investor qualifications and requirements. Learn more here.

Some Indiana businesses may now accept an unlimited numbers of investors without regard to their accreditation – but with very specific caps on how much money residents can invest and companies can raise. You can learn more here on our Ugly Dog Media website, see our new crowdfunding website – that’s a “coming soon” portal – or like us on Facebook at Indiana Crowdfunding.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @IndCrowdFund, and keep an eye out for the results of our 2012-2014 equity crowdfunding survey and the insights we’ve learned!