Decisions, decisions…

Well, I was planning on giving everyone my opinion about Windows 8. The problem is… I don’t yet have one formed. The beta is taking FOREVER to download! So I have something else of equal importance to talk about.

So today I’m a little torn. Tonight there are two local shows with great line ups on nearly opposite ends of the town. Tonight, Cheers will be hosting Battle of the Babes featuring Geronimo, Michigan City Vandals, Bitch Slap, Projekt Cog and a group of some of my favorite people, AKA Jed. The Bender Ballroom, located by the lovely Wooden Indian Motel, will be packed with talent presenting the bands Jassy Grazz, Fillmore’s Ladder, the Electric Jug Band and one of my favorite local talents, Infinite Buffalo. Unfortunately, I have told people at both venues that I would make an appearance, which complicates my evening.

It’s not so much the drive as it is Roseland. The venues are only five miles away from each other but the Roseland Police Department has had a lot of practice picking off the less responsible Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s students and believe me – they will get you! Many scholarships have been lost on highway 933. I believe I’ve had nine tickets across several states for various traffic related offenses in my life, two of which are from Roseland. My last encounter transpired in the early morning hours after I passed an officer who was stopped at a red light that turned green as I approached, before I had to begin slowing down. I had my cruise set at 30 mph (yes, I’m paranoid) but he didn’t like that I passed him. I got off with a scolding and a written warning, thankfully, even though I think both were unsolicited.

Anyway, enough about Roseland…

There’s little known fact that I would I would like to share with the world: South Bend harbors some of the most talented musicians you’ll find anywhere. It also lodges some pretty awful musicians too, but I’m getting better ;) The general consensus about South Bend seems to be that there’s nothing to do. It’s terrible that this stigma is so prevalent because it’s not true. The mindset itself is a double-edged sword. It’s this mindset that has led many of my peers to destruction. But this is the same ingredient that makes great musicians. This perceived boredom has provoked several of us to pick up an instrument at some point in our lives and learn to play it.

I love music. I don’t love the radio. I would much rather listen to my friends play than turn on the radio only to have my heart broken when I hear Five Finger Death Punch destroy Bad Company’s, Bad Company. So support your local business and your local musicians! I hope to see people spilling out the doors wherever I may end up. Just please… love each other and be responsible :)