Ugly Dog Media Moves to Historic South Bend Site

We’re a fast-growing media, marketing and public relations startup, growing a lot faster than I ever imagined. Including our in-house staff, contractors, and staff members in India, we’re a total of 16 people, not including the dog. Working out of our home was a lot of fun, but there just wasn’t enough room any more! This month, we signed a lease for office space in the historic Vandalia Railway Station building (see our press release¬†for the full story).

We’re all ecstatically happy about the new spacious digs, just adjacent to the historic Studebaker corridor where they used to make those fantastic automobiles 50 years ago. We like to believe we’re on the forefront of something big here, and part of a city-wide transition from old to new.

We’re also excited about broadening our service menu to include things like web video, full-service graphics, forum management and social media, and technical documentation. But what’s most exciting is being on the forefront of a new “tech bubble” that will rival the dotcom boom of the ’90s. What I’ve termed the “dotcloud boom” will bring in a lot more players, give smaller and SOHO businesses a seat at the table, and forever change the very nature of how people work and do business.