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Article Placement

We are your brand representative. That’s a task we don’t take lightly, and we will always make sure you are represented in the best possible light, in the most relevant publications.

We believe that when we create an article mentioning your brand, we are your brand representative, and it is our responsibility to mention it only within the context of a highly professional article, placed in a legitimate media property.

We never place articles mentioning your brand in substandard, spammy websites. There are tens of thousands of artificially-generated websites, which exist purely for SEO. We do not work with those types of sites. Although it is easy to publish on those sites, we believe they potentially cause more harm than good.

There are multiple goals in placing articles with your brand and hyperlink. Naturally, you want brand mentions and hyperlinks to build your SEO. Who doesn’t? But focusing on that as a primary strategy is a mistake. Building out as many links as possible, without regard to quality, negatively impacts your brand. What happens when an article mentioning your company falls on a spammy website within a poorly-written article? You may gain the desired result of an increase in search engine results, but when potential customers find that link, click on it, and read the article, chances of a conversion are slim. And not only will you not get the conversions you want, you will leave people with a poor impression of your company.

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